Lightweight Camping Chairs For Backpacking

Backpacking adventures are a lot of fun because hiking is combined with camping and other outdoor adventures, such as fishing, hunting, climbing and sightseeing. Having the right gear for backpacking can be a difficult task. Finding the most lightweight, compact gear can be as challenging as the hike itself. For backpackers, every little ounce adds up, and heavy items can ruin a trip. Finding functional, lightweight backpacking camping gear is the most important consideration for backpackers.

When it comes to comfort, camping chairs can add an instant luxury to the campground. After a long hike, there is simply nothing better than relaxing in camp in a chair. But finding the right camp chair is not as easy as walking into Walmart and buying the first folding chair next to the Coleman tents. With weight in mind, one must consider materials, durability, and functionality.

Camping chairs are made out of a variety of materials. Lightweight options will be made out of composite or titanium frames, with lightweight fabrics and minimal padding. A lot of camping chairs designed for backpacking are designed without legs, and are meant to be used on soft ground. The wrong materials in a chair can add up the ounces quickly.

Finding a durable camping chair will require a balance in lightweight and strength of materials. Cheap plastics won’t last the rigors of outdoor environments. Heavy-duty materials will be to heavy to take along. This balance needs to be struck before purchasing a camping chair for backpacking.

There are several different varieties of camping chairs on the market. Some fold, some collapse, while others break down into multiple pieces. Some have legs, others don’t. Some have padding, others only a thin layer of fabric. Some are designed to look like regular sitting chairs; others to mimic stools. Many advanced models have cup holders head rests, and foot rests. Some even recline. Remember that each added capability or comfort item will add weight to your pack, and ultimately will reduce the amount of other necessary items that can be brought along.

Camping chairs that are lightweight will add comfort and luxury to your backpacking camp site, while not breaking your back in the process. Invest in a solid lightweight chair today!